Monday, July 16, 2012


Today i started the revision of the front end. First the existing front end. The upper arm slants the wrong way and gives positive camber with body roll. the tie rod end is too low and causes bump steer.

The solution is to lower the upper arm brackets. The new brackets will also be located more to the rear giving more caster.

The pic doesn't show this very well but caster is improved. With this setup I now get negative camber as the wheel moves up as well as when the wheel is turned into a curve.
i'll try to get better pic's of the caster change.

Here is a pic of the front end with both sides modified. Since i removed the upper a-arm bracket i now don't have an upper attachment for the SS front support bracket. I saw on the JZRUSA site a pic of a different way to do that and i copied the idea. The tubes now connect to the new a-arm pivots and down to the engine mount.

The next issue is that with the upper a-arm moved to the rear the shock no longer fits in the upper bracket. i cut off the rear leg and made a new part to fix that issue. this all may look complicated to do but it took one morning to complete each side. it took many, many hours of study, drawing and working with the Wishbone program to sort out just what to do. sure hope i got it right.

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