Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I welded in the plates for the pillow block bearings today and started fitting the shaft. It is important that the u-joints are as straight as possible from the top view. Since the shaft is offset a bit at the rear it isn't possible to get it perfect so I'll do the best I can. when I'm satisfied I'll drill the bolt holes. Then it's a matter of shimming the bearings and aligning the bearings in their housings.

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  1. How did you approach the sizing of the driveshaft? Is it removable after you have the bearing on the driveshaft? I am thinking I start from the motor and work back to the swingarm. Thoughts? I am getting ready to get this done and my docs give me some sizing (generic you can do this or you can do that) but no specific directions of the best way to measure it out and proceed. Thanks! Dean dbanta@banta-group.com