Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Drive Shaft

Finally after a hurricane, a week with a cold, a week in Italy and much studying I finally am getting some work done on the driveshaft. I bought a piece of 1.125" .094" wall chrome molly tube. I got it from these guys and I cannot say enough good things about them. They took the time to measure their stock and picked out a piece that was .001" under my bearing size so it fitted just great.

I machined bushings to fit the tube and spline stubs and used ER70S2 rod to TIG weld it all together. Actually a buddy did the welding and did a great job. The pillow block bearings are rated to 7000 RPM so they should work.

More pics to follow as I start mounting it all.


  1. Love your JZR... would it be possible to use a Honda st1100 engine as it is a v-4 and shaft drive? sincerely Barry

  2. Fred,
    Where did you get the spline stubs?