Sunday, July 21, 2013


While driving I noticed a whine in the rear and figured it was the final drive. Along with all the stuff I got was a nicely powder coated final drive that was partly reassembled. After checking the mating of the gears and replacing seals and tweaking a ting or two I got it all back together and installed. I haven't driven it yet so I hope the whine is gone.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Found something interesting yesterday working on carbs. the fuel in the carb was orange!! The fuel in the tank is clear.

Also the hose from the remote brake tank to master cyl. was sweating brake fluid and dripping down on the panel below. The brake fluid color was also a dark orange. To be accurate there are 2 different size hoses on the brakes. The leaking one is an SAE 30R6 hose and is the same as the fuel hose. The other hose is an SAE 30R7; the newer grade hose. The fuel and brake fluid were dissolving the hose.

I have changed the brake feed hose to a clear vinyl and will change the fuel hose to the 30 R7 which is supposed to be compatible with Ethanol fuel.