Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I made a carb stick out of 12ft. of 1/4" clear tubing, some ATF and a 2x2. My engine had vacuum ports already threaded into the manifolds so I just had to make barb fittings to fit. I used 2 bolts that fir the threads and drilled a hole down the center and machined the head off.

Check the throttle slides with some drill bits till you find on that just slides under the throttle slide. Get both carbs as close as possible to prevent sucking all the ATF into one cylinder. It won't hurt the engine if you do, it just takes time to fill the tube again.

The trick is to get the liquid even in the tube at idle and then to stay that way when throttling up. Adjust the cable fittings on top of the carb to do this. At idle if the oil is high on one side that means that side has the throttle slide too low so screw in on the idle speed screw or screw out on the other carb. When throttling up if one carb has high oil it is opening less than the other side so screw out on its cable adjuster. This works really well and works just as well on 4 carbs. Just use 4 tubes all tee fitted together at the bottom.

Here is a video showing how it worked.

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