Monday, September 22, 2014


Now I can take all my documents to the DMV and see if I can get a title. This process has been a real pain. Florida and most states, I believe, are requiring the same documentation so that all states use the same universal system. They want a "Manufacturers Certificate of Origin" or an original invoice from the manufacturer. JZR does not issue an MCO and I didn't have an invoice.

I wrote Zeimba and asked for a copy of the invoice which he sent but DMV refused to accept it because it was a photocopy. I wrote Zeimba again and sent him a blank MCO form to fill in and sign which he graciously did. That covered that part. Then since the kit had been sold twice before coming to me plus the US dealer I had to have a bill of sale from each sale. I was finally to get all of those so I'm ready to go. I'll post results soon, I hope.

Update. The DMV refused to accept the MCO document that they told me would be OK. I don't know what to do now.

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