Friday, October 10, 2014


I started the cockpit molding today. This starts with a piece of 1/2" clear tubing slit and slipped over the edge of the fiberglass. Next is some foam pipe insulation (the smallest they had). I remove about 1/3 of the foam lengthwise so it wraps around better and is not so bulky.

The leather stitching left a little pocket at the outer edge and I shoved a 3/32" brass rod into the pocket. I think that finished it off nicely. Lastly I got a spool on 2.5mm round rawhide and drilled holes and punched the leather and laced it all up. It was quite difficult coming around the corner.
the piece for the other side will butt up in the center and a short rawhide piece will tie it together. The outer end will be finished off by trimming and folding the leather over and glueing a round patch on the end.

Down the body side I bent an alum. angle from flat sheet and bent the angle into a curve. That will be easy to cover.