Wednesday, January 14, 2015


All that I had done on the front end and I still didn't get enough caster. Driving up to about 50 got really scary. The steering was so sensitive. I tackled the problem by adding more caster. I found that I had very little. I machined up 2 plates that would lift the lower ball joint above the lower a-arm so that I could move it forward by about 3/4".
I did this because there was so much mixed opinions about it making any difference and I could put it all back the way it was if it didn't work. What this did was to make the king pin angle change to 7 1/8 deg. as viewed from the side. This is not the proper way to measure caster from what I've read, but the result is nothing short of AMAZING. After setting the toe in to 1/4" in, I took it for a drive. Up 60 MPH it was steady as a rock!!! When it warms up next week I'll take it out on the Interstate and see how it feels at 70+. If all this proves out I'll trim off the edges like the lines show and pretty it up.

Moving the ball joint also added a lot of negative camber so I'll have to fix that too. I hope I have enough thread on the upper joint to do this. Lowering the inner pivots of the upper arm moved it inward and I had to extend the ball joint to cover that too. I'm running out of thread. As to cornering I've hit it as hard as I can with no lifting of the inside wheel, little body roll and some understeer. The outside wheel stays square to the road. Harder cornering would just mean more understeer and sliding. I'm a happy camper!!

Stay tuned; more to follow.

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