Saturday, November 21, 2015


I've had a handling issue for most of this year. When accelerating and decelerating the car would pull to the right and to the left and when braking it would pull left. I got stuck with the idea it was the rear wheel not being in line with the chassis. After measuring the alignment of the rear wheel I found it was off by about .029"; not bad.

I then looked at the left front brake and found that the caliper bracket was not square to the rotor and that the caliper was not sliding well on it's mounting bolts. There is the problem; a dragging brake pad. This too would make the car pull each way when giving it gas and letting off and when braking. Sure enough, new pads, caliper seals, shims on the bracket and reaming the slide holes fixed it all. It now drives straight all the time.

Now I'll go back and play with toe out and tire pressures some more and see what happens. Probably nothing but I think it's worth a look.


  1. Love the build sir! I've been collecting parts for my own replica for a long time,reading stories like yours really helps.
    Keep up the good work ,hopefully I'll have my build up here to share in the coming months!
    Happy new year,

  2. Thanks Curtis. Let me know when you start your build.

  3. I found your build blog through your video & I've finally caught up...

    I hope I could meet you sometime in the future, perhaps during a rally run or a motorcycle event...

    Doug Gracey
    Middleburg, Florida

  4. Hey Doug. Maybe that can happen. There is a guy in Jacksonville with a JZR that I've been trying to get with.
    Fredntoni AT
    cox .net
    Send me an email

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  6. Thanks Nouman. It's been a fun trip.
    Not up on the game scene.

  7. Hi Fred

    The Brookland Cans and the fishtails came from Triking, but I was a bit cagey when ordering them as I thought he might not want to supply someone building a competitors kit. Not a problem though as I returned to Triking to supply a rear brake/hand brake caliper and back plate.
    If you read on you will see the saga unfold. I first drilled out fishtails and then gradually unstuffed the fibre glass wadding that I had initially thought necessary. The engine lacked pulling power and I realised that there was too much back pressure, there is a substantial blat on full throttle now, but totally acceptable at normal throttle, but she really pulls, I had almost 90MPH showing on the speedo the other day.
    I will hopefully leave this comment on your blog to ensure you get it. Cheers Mac