Saturday, August 20, 2016


I was not happy with the look of the Suzuki calipers and will send them back. I bought, instead, a pair of Ducati Monster calipers with four 34mm pistons and four pads per caliper. Much higher price but larger pistons so more braking effort than what I had. The Suzuki calipers have four 32mm pistons and 108mm bolt spread. The Ducati has a 100mm bolt spread. Both are about the same size but the Brembo ones are a tiny bit smaller
The 3x3x1/2" aluminum angle will be made into the mounting brackets. I roughed out one today. I plan to add Drillium to it to lighten it up and do some contouring to it also.
I think these will look great when all finished up which should be early next week.

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