Sunday, December 10, 2017


Well, the vent tube idea really didn't do much. I then went to Eurocarb and ordered these "surge washers". They seem to help but still not what it should be. I still have and empty float bowl doing hard cornering.

The idea is that these washer cups sit just at the bottom of the float bowl and prevent fuel from sloshing up the side of the bowl or not let all the fuel do that. Some should stay in the sump nut where the jet is located. This seems to be a common problem from my research but no one had found a fix other than changing to fuel injection.

Friday, March 3, 2017


Originally I set up the shift arm pointing out to the left which made 1st gear pull back on the shift lever. That is not intuitive and I've always regretted not figuring out how to do it the other way. David from France suggested turning the arm the other way. That looked like it wouldn't work as the firewall was in the way as was the rear of the tranny if mounted in that direction.

Well, a little of head scratching, contortion, welding and cursing it now fits and works GREAT. The first pic shows how I did the first time using a clevis at each end of the shift rod. Lots of slop.

I cut off the end of the arm and welded a new piece on that shortened the arm so that it could be mounted facing the other way and still allow mounting the ball joint. Here is the cut off end and the new welded end with ball joint.
Here is a pic of it installed and that was a tough job to reach in there with two wrenches to tighten it all up.
So, was it worth the trouble, absolutely. The shift is now in the right direction, the slop is gone and the feel is way, way better.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


I have been setting 1/8"+ toe out as suggested in the JZR forum. The car drove OK but the steering was a bit twitchy. I tried setting to 1/8" toe in and it made a remarkable difference.  The car is much more stable now and the twitchy steering is gone. Well, how about that?


I've been fighting a problem for the past year and I think I've finally solved it. When cornering hard the fuel would be thrown against the vent side of the carb to the inside of the curve and be forced out the vent. I think also a syphon would start and suck all the gas out of the carb. Coming out of the corner the inside cylinder would be dead and would take 10 to 20 seconds to start firing again.

I researched this to a great extent including contacting and the Triking forum. No solution offered did the trick. I tried cutting down of fuel pressure on the Holley pressure regulator but that made it worse. I tried looping the vent hoses high over the carbs and then down. That seemed to help but not solve it. Finally someone suggested bringing the vent tubes up high and into a catch can so no syphon could be started. Well that plus increasing the fuel pressure to 3# solved the problem. Hard cornering without a miss.